"Nordson" divisions

To be the best entity in any market and in each area in which we work, means to find the correct solutions of production tasks. Below is given the short description of activities of Nordson with references to web pages of each business group.


Adhesive Dispensing Equipment

Nordson application and verification technology helps produce many types of containers and is also involved in labeling and sealing applications. From cartons and boxes to envelopes to labels, Nordson adhesive solutions efficiently apply adhesives to meet both form and function. Packaging and converting applications are often judged equally by how they look and how well they perform, so application systems must apply the right amount of adhesive to be structurally sound and without messy stringing, tailing or squeeze out. Whether using hot melt or cold adhesives, Nordson is a world leader in packaging and converting application technology.

Products packaging

Nordson systems of adhesive dispensing for production and sealing of cardboard container, putting the labels, stabilization of pallets for providing safety of food while transporting.


Systems of labeling the bottles

With help of close collaboration with clients, the Nordson Company realized innovative solutions about labeling its  last technology of adhesive dispensing. The closed system of adhesive dispensing of the Nordson company considerably increases efficiency of process of labeling,  33% less consumption of adhesive, 75% less of maintenance( service) costs.


 Cardboard paper packaging production 

Application and control systems during the work with hot and cold Nordson adhesives which are used in case of production of paper packets and sacks, books, folding cardboard packaging, envelopes and printed materials.


Production of products from nonwoven fabrics

Systems of adhesive dispensing, lamination and fastenings of layers of "Nordson" improve appearance, suitability and durability of children's diapers, hygiene products for adults and care of patients, toilet paper and napkins.

Coating Application

"Nordson" offers machines and coating systems with help of various materials, for example: paper, metals, an artificial foil, foamy materials, textiles, felt, fabric, etc.


Production of windows and window sills

Nordson adhesive dispensing systems  while producing  windows and window sills


Woodworking production

Exact systems of putting Nordson glues in furniture and woodworking production (a profile wrapping, a caching, edge gluing, sealing of a back cut and seams, a postforming, a softforming, angular connections of case details, drawing consolidations, pasting of cardboard packaging) 



Ultraviolet lamps of Primarc

Ultraviolet lamps of Primarc for an otverzhdeniye of the put materials: paints and coverings for a high-quality seal, the woodworking industry, handling flew down, plastic and metal, fiber optics, production CD/DVD and electronics. 

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